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Good’s Gate Ltd provides sourcing, purchase and inspection services.

We have more than 10 years experience in Asia with Quality Control, Sourcing, Purchasing, and Product Development. We perform professional Quality Control as Sample Testing and Inspection Services.
Based on your product needs, we evaluate tailor made solutions and service plans to fulfill your needs and requests. The Good’s Gate team has years of invaluable professional experience in Quality Control in Asian factories and companies. We know very well the weak points in factories, product lines, development process, packing and shipments in Asia, especially in China.

Sourcing good suppliers:
We source good suppliers produce good quality products to our clients.
Factory and Company Visiting enable you to select qualified suppliers with confidence.    Following up on the Sample Making and Testing Process to make sure that the suppliers are     able to perform the requested quality and quantity you expect.

Purchasing in competitive prices:
We are able to negotiate the best prices with your suppliers for you because we are in the    market; we know the market situation and the market prices very well.

Before products are shipped to oversea, we figure out problems or defects, we test them in    detail to ensure the quality of your products.
Good’s Gate Ltd. inspects the goods from Pre-Production and During the Mass Production to    Final Random Inspection as well as Container Loading Inspection. We perform all important     steps to ensure the quality of your products

Order shipment schedules:
We follow up all the open order shipments; monitor the suppliers’ production schedules to    make sure shipments will be made on time.

We follow up the ETD and ETA shipment schedules and Check all the Shipping Documents    such as invoices, packing list, bill of lading so that the Customs Clearance will be No Problem.

We monitor the deposits and the balance payments, making sure the payments will not be paid    too early or too late.

We are pride ourselves in offering a full service!